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Dec 10th



Rest, Recharge and Be Merry

Deonne Myrick

Limit 15 Students 

As we move in to Winter, the natural world goes dormant and the days become shorter which creates the perfect time to turn inward, rejuvenate, rest and reflect. The coming holiday season can feel overwhelming and exhausting if we do not allow ourselves some time to recharge from the busy summer and fall before all of the festivities.

In this EMYoga mini-retreat, we will focus on the water element associated with winter and the kidney and bladder meridians. The water element is the beginning of the healing cycle and when out of balance can cause fear, depression, lack of excitement and lack of will. When in balance we can move into the new year and life with courage and focus. This is a time to reflect on the past year, tune in to what sustains us and choose how we want to show up in the world.

This class is designed to be a Mini-Retreat and will incorporate meditation, journaling, EMYoga Vinyasa, and restorative poses. All-levels welcome. You will leave feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to shine your best and brightest self this winter and in the New Year!

Energy Medicine Yoga or EMYoga is an integrative practice, uniting ancient healing methods with modern science. Classic yoga postures are woven and paired with Energy Medicine techniques to communicate with the body in its own language and innate wisdom. By focusing on your body as a living system of energy, you are empowered to self-heal, thrive, and flow in the life you are meant to live.

$40/2 hr class, scholarships available- just ask.

These mini-retreats are the perfect way to take time to care for yourself- body, mind and soul! I hope you will join me- You deserve it!

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Dec 13th and 20th

6 Tuesdays


Beginning Yoga Series 2 weeks- Extension

Sylvie Desautels

Limit 15 Students 

We will break down the essential postures and practices of yoga and build your practice from the ground up!  During this 6 weeks you will have unlimited access to our full class schedule so that you can practice your new alignment. 

Scholarships Available


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Dec 18th



Solstice Restorative and Chanting

 Join Sylvie for this annual solstice restorative evening. Come unwind and enter the season of deep self exploration. You will leave restored and ready for the winter season. Ellen Miles will lead meditative chanting.


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Jan 8th-29th

4 Sundays


Giving and Receiving 

Demystifying Massage

Sylvie Desautels

Limit 8 Students/ 4 partners

It's the New Year. Are you ready to learn new ways to have fun nurturing yourself and relationships? In this series we will demystify massage and learn fundamentals of the art that ease the stress of life that often land in our bodies.

Imagine, next time your partner says "honey, could you just rub my shoulder right here" and knowing exactly what to do. Or maybe you experience insomnia and you now know precisely which pressure points will calm your adrenal glands to calm your busy mind. In this 4 session class you will learn the fundamentals of massage, including ways to help relieve common back discomfort, head aches and stress of daily living. It seems that many of us think we should just know this stuff. Well, truth be told, were you born knowing how to fix a car or how to skillfully maneuver a new app on your phone? Of course not, these are learned skills and just as you have learned many other things most of us can also learn how to give (and receive) healing massage.

We will meet 4 times for 3 hrs....YUP this is a commitment. Massage tables will be provided. And YUP you will have a lifetime skill that you will be able to share with anyone you can get your hands on.

Questions? email [email protected]

$320 if paid by Dec 30th

$350 after ( per couple)

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