Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Sept 10th-Oct 1st

 4 Saturdays


4 week Beginners Yoga With Emily Harvey-Dooley

Limit 15 Students

We will break down the essential postures and practices of yoga and build your practice from the ground up! We will begin with Somatic Movement and breath and move in to the larger movements and shapes of yoga. During this 4 weeks you will have unlimited access to our full class schedule. 

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August 14th 



Create Space For Wellness:Sound Bath and Yin Yoga

Limit 8 Students


Join Emily Harvey- Dooley and Brad Miller for an afternoon of yoga and sound healing. Yin Yoga is a practice that helps to create space in the body, specifically the joints. As you are guided into poses you will be enveloped in the healing sounds of singing bowls, gong and ocean drum. You will float away and come back more spacious and open to be your best self!


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Sept 10th



Healing Anxiety Through Movement and Body Awareness

Limit 15 Students

We can get help for anxiety through talk therapy, but the body truly keeps the score. Emily Harvey- Dooley and Michael Dooley, offer this workshop to explore how we experience anxiety in our bodies and specifically how we can develop the awareness in our bodies to know when fear is present and how to care for ourselves when we experiencing it. 

In this 2 hour workshop we will talk about what anxiety/fear response is and how it feels in the body. We will learn tools from Vagus Nerve Toning Therapy, Somatic Movement Therapy and Emily's trademark therapy, Psoas Release Fundamentals. 

Michael Dooley, has worked for over 12 years with children and caregivers from traumatic backgrounds in processing their experiences. Following the movement portion of the workshop he will guide the group into a safe space to process together what they experienced and how they can utilize their new awareness and tools. 


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